Saturday, 31 March 2007

Hope this works!!

Wahay!! Hope this works and I'm not rattling away on this keyboard for nothing!
This is my bright idea to stay in touch with everyone (as you know this is not a strong point of mine!) My idea is that I can post photos and updates and and if you leave messages too, we can all stay in touch. I think that's what a blog is for anyway! Have got a new pooter today and can now upload lovely pics of the girls. I'll really try hard to update a couple of times a week. I'd love to hear from y'all so please leave messages.

The photos are of the kids at White post farm during the February half term hols and there's one of Leah just after she'd wobbled another tooth out!


Cazamataz said...

Hi Lou, This is a great idea! It is Sunday morning and I'm logging onto the computer with my first cup of coffee... this is so I can at least have a look before Melu holds the computer hostage... when his friends start arrive.Hope you and the girls can make it to Leeds in the school holidays.
Love Carol

Louise said...

Hi Carol!
Managed to remember my password doh! See you Friday.