Friday, 13 April 2007

Ahhh! School Holidays - Such a wonderful time!

Hope everyone had a good Easter.

I have still got my hair firmly attached to my head, I haven't ripped it out by the roots due to fighting children, or bored children as it seems to be at the moment. I haven't drunk myself into oblivion (much) although I have troffed most of the chocolate eggs the kids got. They have been quite good (whatever good children are). Saying that, they did go to the caravan for three days with M & D.

We ventured out yesterday in search of Adventure mountain in Sheffield, couldn't find it and after tantrums from everyone we ended up at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The kids pretended to not like it (boring) I loved it and we got some good photos and here they are! I haven't mastered the technical bits on the camera so some of the photos are a bit blue until I sort them out.

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