Friday, 21 September 2007

I promise to try harder!

I promise to try harder to keep my blog up to date!
We're all settled down again at the Edwards house and I'm back into crafting and taking photos again, so thought it was time to keep my blog up to date with nice photies instead of looking at everyone else's .

For starters then........

Lewis and Leah at cannon Hall in the August Hols. We did the Maize maze there.

Now here's Faye with her new(ish) hair do! Yep, she cut about 6ins off herself one morning just before going to school! Anyway it looks so much nicer shorter. It really suits her.Then here's one of old Ed!I took this at Flamingo Land a couple of weeks ago. He doesn't look very happy does he! We had a great day though.

......and the last one for now is me with my blonde hair that most of you probably haven't seen.

I'll be back later with my makes for this week, now you remember what we all look like!!

Have a great weekend everyone. x

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