Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

Wow! How fab has the snow been today? It looks so peaceful and calm when it's snowed but it causes so much havoc. There was no school for Faye today and no after school club for Leah so I finished early to collect her from school. We got changed straight away and took the dog and the sledge to the wood for an hour.

I gave Leah lessons on building a snowman (rolling big snowballs) and made a head that big that i couldn't lift it on top of his bloody body!
I bet there are huge snowballs left instreets all over the place, you know like that artist (Andy somebody). The kids in our street have done it. Not sure if it was in the name of art though...

I made this card just before Chrsitmas for my lovely friend Linz' birthday. Let me know if you want a supply list.

Hope your snow day was as good as mine.

Lou x

1 comment:

Cazamataz said...

you n leah look to have had some good fun!
The snow has stayed for ages here mel had a snow day and was out with his pals i think he might have been upto mischief but nothing to bad....
I didn't realise it was Linz birthday! will email her.