Sunday, 23 December 2007

Are you getting excited?

He's coming tomorrow night! I am.

Sorry still no photos. I've been making loads and just haven't had a chance to photo and upload. I've still got christmas cards to post, presents to buy and a table to collect for Christmas dinner! I'm sooo organised! Anyway I should have lots more time to upload and post on here from boxing day.

I've been making things for my new Stampin Up! venture. Hostess gifts, door prizes, prize drwas and samples for the workshops. I'll post more details about all that too. I'm planning to have a workshop at my house 10th Jan. More details to follow. I'm thinking of maybe doing a few tutorials too.

We all went bowling and to Chiquitos last night at Xscape and had a fab time. The girls loved it. The staff in the bowling alley were a bit fed up with us though. We were a bit high maintenance! Lol!

Probably won't post before Christmas again so
ENJOY! Hope everyone has the best Christmas ever!
Lou x

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