Thursday, 18 December 2008

Quick post

Hi, just photos today due to tummy bug! Loads more to follow when I'm feeling better.

Take care

Lou x

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Cazamataz said...

Lou hope your feeling better.It's been a right old time for bugs I found myslef poorly before christmas as well.Love the card you used the angel stamp on..I'm going to use it in a wee angels album I'm planning to create..I made a few albums of joy and mini christmas photo keepsakes.I'm bursting with ideas about doing more challenges and joining forums so I can get organised in 2009 with my scrapbooking...I need to work part time which isn't possible but hey I didn't even have a blogspot a year or so ago...its a lot to do with you and Linz and you friendship and inspiration..merry christmas and a glorious new year ..